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About Pagysa

Our company was founded in Izmir during the late 1700’s by the pioneering member of the Pagy family (thought to be Mr. Gabriel Pagy) who traveled from Marseilles, France with an authorization of the Marseilles Chamber of Commerce to start a “comptoir” as a link between the Ottoman Empire and France. The first written evidence of our mother company is in an accounting book proudly in our possession and goes back to 1821 under the Pagy & Fils name.

Today, after more than 200 years and a slight name change due to a local structure change, Pagysa (Pagy S.A.) is still a privately owned family business active in the following fields:

1. Pagysa - Traditional agricultural products for food industry/confectionery and retail:

i) Growing, processing and export of sun dried sultanas, raisins and golden raisins in bulk or retail packs with a capacity of 15,000 tons p.a.

ii) Processing and export of sun dried pitted apricots, natural or sulphured, wholes or halves, Malatya and Ürgüp varieties, in bulk or retail packs as well as rehydrated Ready-to-Eat. Capacity: 8,000 tons p.a.

iii) Processing and export of sun dried figs, in bulk or retail packs as well as rehydrated Ready-to-Eat . Capacity: 2,500 tons p.a.

2. Pagysa - Cotton: Export and import of raw cotton as principals as well as agents. Total turnover around 60,000 tons

3. Pakiş - Packaging: Production and local/export sales of polystyrene foam trays for the food industry, i.e. lunchboxes, hamburger boxes, meat trays, egg cartons with a capacity of 14 million pieces/month.

4. Pakiş - Poultry Breeding: Weekly capacity of about 175,000 chicks.

At the turn of the Millennium (end 1999) we extended our activities by buying the majority of the shares in a group of companies. We are now active in:

1. Poultry: Growing and slaughterhouse of 40/45 day old chicken with our own distribution fleet. Daily capacity around 70,000 chicken. (AS TAVUKCULUK)

2. Animal Feed: Monthly about 15/18,000 tons of feed for poultry and turkey, again with our own distribution fleet (OZLEM TARIM)

3. Eggs: 300,000 eggs daily, delivered with our own transport all through the Aegean (OZLEM TARIM)

5. Farming: Roughly 4,000 acres of highly fertile soil with vines, wheat, beet, clover and corn

Having no intention to rest, our next projects include the building of a brand new dairy farm, a new sultanas processing plant and brand new machinery for our packaging division. One should also note that we are constantly investing in real estate while modernization of equipment as well as buildings is an ongoing process at Pagysa.