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Pakiş Packaging


We specialize in producing excellent quality, high volume food packaging for the processing industry. We utilize only the best materials and state of the art extrusion and thermoforming equipment.

Our trays are produced within the world standards for hygiene.

Using polystyrene foam trays makes shipping and handling of food products easier. The flat surface on the bottom reduces pressure on the contents and minimises the leaking of juices, thus preserving the clean and hygienic look your products deserve. Polystyrene foam trays use less polymer than any other plastic tray. As a result they are economical and widely usable. They are available in various sizes and colours.

The food industry uses our trays particularly for meat, poultry, fish, fruit, vegetable, and dried food packaging. We would not want to exclude any of your creative ideas, though and would be pleased to help you make them a reality.


Pakiş Brooding

Healthy and Efficient

Pakiş Brooding is established to raise a healthy and efficient poultry generation for breeding and nutritial purposes. Eggs collected from modern farms are bred in high-technology incubators and the chicken produced are distributed to farms.

High Meat Production

The first condition for high productivity is a healthy incubation period. The incubation period, under meticulous hygenic conditions, is strictly controlled bye agriculture engineers and veterinarians.

With a weekly capacity of 200,000 chickens PAKİŞ is ready to meet the requirements of the neighbouring farms as well as farms in the other regions of the country