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Özlem Tarım


Farming Operations

Farming 3,000 acres of fertile soils on the Salihli Plain irrigated by Gediz River.
Every year 4,000 acres of agricultural output is realised in these fields under the control of the farming experts using the latest techniques.

650 kg / acre yearly production fo famous Sultana grapes from 228 acres of vineyards
A yearly 2500 kg / acre dried clover production
600 kg / acre yearly wheat production from 1,500 acres of wheat fields
9000 kg / acre yearly beet prduction from 100-165 acres of beet fields
850-1,000 kg / acre yearly corn production from 1,600-1,900 acres as first and second yield.



Feed Production

ÖZLEM YEM, certified with ISO 9002 Quality Insurance System Standard, is one of the most efficient feed production companies in the country.

ÖZLEM YEM produces feed for poultry for a balanced and economic nutrition. ÖZLEM YEM follows in the consumer demands and satisfies them with the most suitable scientific solution. Quality and research are the most important factors for ÖZLEM YEM.

Every production step is controlled under advanced laboratry conditions through the use of modern equipment.
Customer satifaction is the foremost duty of every ÖZLEM YEM worker.
ÖZLEM YEM always listed in the first 500 companies of Turkey, is a corner stone in improving poultry.


Fresh and Reliable

With its powerful distribution network ÖZLEM YUMURTA is able to distrubite two million fresh eggs every week to a large number of retail consumption outlets